Mission, vision, values


  • Dissemination and extension of knowledge, especially that generated at the University, from the Basque Country the Basque Country and on an international level.
  • Professional upskilling with particular attention paid to the training of all teaching staff across all levels.
  • Inter-university relationships.
  • Contribution to the dissemination and teaching of Basque studies and culture on an international scale.
  • Offering a space for discussion and critical thinking around an ever-changing society, thus contributing to the improvement of social well-being, especially in the Basque Country.

The courses are open to collaboration with organisations and institutions of the Basque Country, Spain and Europe, in order to roll out its mission.



"The Summer Courses offered at the University of the Basque Country aspire to be benchmark courses within the Summer Courses context, thanks to the ongoing innovation of the programme and training formulas, the international scope, the added value offered, its extensive consistent network of alliances, its commitment to the Basque Country, and the quality of its organisation".



  1. Autonomy in terms of management within the framework of the "Summer Foundation Courses".
  2. Respect for the diversity of ideas.
  3. Flexibility, understood as the capacity to adapt to changing circumstances.
  4. Organisational and financial Sustainability
  5. Culture of innovation in terms of management, structure and the development of activity, promoting entrepreneurialism.
  6. Consistency understood as respect for the Mission.
  7. Transparency or "stating what you are doing, doing what you say and being accountable"
  8. Identity rooted in the Basque Country, open to the world, following the University of the Basque Country's motto. EMAN TA ZABAL ZAZU.
  9. Consideration of people as more than just an "internal client", instead as an essential core of the organisation.
  10. A cooperative attitude towards the Centres, Departments and Institutes of the University of the Basque Country, other Universities, Institutions, organisations, social and cultural associations and companies.