An update in Sleep Disorders Medicine. Switching from theory to practical care


Cod. O05-18

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Over the last decades, an impressing increase in the body of knowledge underlying the causes and management of sleep disorders has been achieved.  However, while it has primarily reached  the specialized doctors, and to a lesser extent, the rest of the medical profession, a wide lack of awareness still exists on the side of the general population.  As a result, the following questions remain unanswered for the public:

Which type of sleep disorders exists? Which are the differences among them?  What can happen if we do not treat them?  And mainly:  What can the Sleep Specialist do in order to solve a particular problem?  Are there any new treatment options available?

During this course, which is oriented towards the non-specialized public, several Sleep Specialists from prestigious Sleep Centers (Sleep Research Institute, Cruces Hospital, University Hospital Araba) will try to answer these questions in a an easy and understandable way, and will ilustrate by means of case discussions the available therapeutic options to solve each particular problem.



To understand the main sleep disorders, their causes, diagnostic procedures, and their consecuences.



To understand the basic principles guiding the treatment of each sleep disorder.

To understand the health-related risk underlying each sleep disorder.



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