Biomimesis: Una propuesta multidisciplinar para afrontar los retos de sostenibilidad post-covid

08.Jul - 09.Jul

Cod. E08-21

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This Summer Course will be held face-to-face and there will also be the possibility of participating live online through ZOOM. In the registration process, please select the participation of your choice: face-to-face or live online.

The world economy must implement processes of transformation in its forms of production of goods and services because it is in a finite world, since the fundamental premise that sustains it of indefinite growth is impossible to achieve, therefore companies must be the engine of such change, with a commitment to achieve convergence towards a circular economy of materials, renewable energy efficiency and knowledge. This is achieved through a dynamic, dialectic, reflexive and inclusive process related to the possibility of producing, transforming, commercialising and consuming goods and business services that simulate the economy of nature, since it does not produce waste but nutrients, internalising everything in the ecosystem process at the level of the terrestrial biosphere-atmosphere.

Today's companies and institutions have to adapt to the requirements of the new knowledge economy. To this end, the new educational and human training processes related to the company must foster business entrepreneurship processes based on natural models based on reflective, critical and complex thinking.

From the biomimetic perspective, the central premise is that respect for nature and biodiversity must be the driving force for the transformation of the economy. In view of this scenario, a scenario is provided for reflection and practice in which it is proposed to emulate nature and strategies are proposed so that socioeconomic systems can emulate "the economy of nature". The fundamental premise is based on the fact that nature has its own economic structures that are highly efficient in sustainable terms by providing closed cycles of materials and energy. The human economy, in order to be viable in time and space, must be based on bio-inspired business innovation (eco-innovation). To this end, it is proposed to take as a source of inspiration the efficient use of natural resources in natural processes

This "Bioinspired Business Innovation" Summer Course aims to raise awareness of Biomimicry through theoretical and practical sessions with the active participation of those attending in order to promote understanding and integration of the discipline into professional training in the disciplines of administration, economics and engineering, among other areas of scientific and social knowledge. For optimal use of the course, online resources and specialized technical literature, seminars, workshops, among other educational resources are provided. The Summer Course is led by researchers from a specific research network on the subject (the Ri3 Biomimicry Network), which includes a group of professors from several universities and research centers as speakers. It is also supported by the UPV/EHU Economic and Employment Sciences Institute.


It is intended to reflect with the attendees on the subject of business bioinspiration. The aim is to promote and consolidate educational and training processes for professionals from different disciplines who lead and will lead business administration in its different modalities, so that they can respond to future challenges of a circular and knowledge economy, inspired by eco-innovation related to the processes of nature, taking as premises the postulates of Biomimicry related to the finite planetary limits, preserve the natural heritage and the diversity that characterizes the natural and cultural landscape.

The complexity of the object of study has led us to propose a series of secondary objectives that will enable us to respond to the initial objective proposed. The following are the proposed subsidiary objectives:

  • To provide attendees, professionals and entrepreneurs with the philosophy that sustains the postulates of Biomimicry, as a new technical-scientific-productive paradigm.
  • To know, understand and apply the Biomimicry methodology.
  • To enrich the perception of Nature as a model of infinite source of inspiration for new products and business services, related to eco-innovation strategies, for a market in constant competition and demand for environmentally friendly products.
  • To influence the implementation of the so-called convergent and regenerative technologies. This allows exploring the capabilities, opportunities and potentialities in relation to its natural capital base to generate new companies and projects related to cutting-edge knowledge.
  • To implement skills among business professionals, designers, public policy makers and other social actors, with the purpose of interpreting new trends and scenarios related to the new economy and knowledge society in order to project future scenarios that respond to responsible consumption strategies and sustainable business initiatives.
  • Implement, contribute and consolidate dynamics of interdisciplinary networking around the new knowledge economy and circular economy.
  • To support in an innovative way business practices integrating bio-inspired environmental and social aspects.
  • To know and explore examples and successful cases as best practices in the biomimetic discipline.
  • To understand the multidimensionality of biomimicry and bioeconomy in the context of a complex environment and society.

Activity directed to

  • University students
  • Teachers
  • Professionals
  • All public


The Summer Course is presented by theoretical and applied explanations, with limited space for discussion in each of them. During the event, a discussion area will be set up as a table area, which will lead to critical reflection. At the same time, it may work in a cooperation space, following active and innovative methodologies, desing thinking technique, through workshops planned for this purpose. This view facilitates the realization of indirect and complex capabilities, such as promoting critical thinking, creativity, or tolerance from a multi-disciplinary and cultural point of view. All this will lead to a series of conclusions in which both speakers and attendees will be able to participate collaboratively during the event.


  • Euskampus
  • Mondragon Team Academy
  • UPV/EHU Campus de Bizkaia
  • NEIKER- Instituto Vasco de Investigaciones Agrarias-
  • REM-Renewable Energy Master
  • MBAe3 Master en Emprendimiento y Dirección de Empresas de la UPV/EHU
  • Catedra Unesco de Desarrollo Sostenible UPV/EHU
  • Zabalketa
  • Renovables
  • Red Global de Desarrollo Sostenible
  • AZTI
  • Enpresa Institutua - Instituto de Economía Aplicada a la Empresa
  • NatureInspireUs (NIU)
  • Red Internacional, Interuniversitaria e Interinstitucional de Estudios sobre Biomimesis
  • Amassunu
  • Erasmus+
  • Biomimicry Granada
  • Circular Thinking
  • Plataforma Biomimesis
  • Programa Harmony with Nature (ONU)
  • DSF
  • Don Justo
  • Face-to-face and live online course
    • Economy and business
    • Business sustainability and circular economy
    • Sostenibility
    • Business sustainability and circular economy
  • 08.Jul - 09.Jul
  • Bizkaia Aretoa-UPV/EHU
  • Spanish
  • Academic Validity: 20 hours
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