COP26: Turning eco-anxiety into climate action


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Following the results of COP26, how do we transform our eco-anxiety into climate action?

We are living through an historical moment at a global level that will be decisive for the quality of our survival as humans. The climate crisis not only affects the ecosystems on which we depend, but it also affects very directly our health and economy.

Governments have been negotiating measures for decades to limit global warming and thus reduce our impact on the climate crisis. However, the annual United Nations climate summits, known as "COP" by their official name, still do not meet the necessary objectives to curb the rise in temperature and its consequences.

Meanwhile, the number of people who suffer from "eco-anxiety" is increasing, the psychological impact that derives from uncertainty, impotence and chronic fear in the face of this situation. After the celebration of COP26, in which direction are we moving? And what tools do we have to transform this eco-anxiety into climate action?



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    • Environmental communication and education
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