LIVE ONLINE -COVID-19: ethical, legal and social issues

17.Jun - 18.Jun

Cod. X25-20

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The activity aims to expose the main ethical, legal and social issues that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to our societies. To this end, the course brings together a multidisciplinary group of experts who will address different topics of relevance. We will start by looking at the reality in which we are moving, both from an epidemiological and a crisis management point of view. Then we will enter into very complex ethical issues, such as triage or conducting clinical trials in extreme situations. Finally, we will analyse legal challenges such as forced confinement, data processing, whether or not to prosecute fake news, etc. To this end we will use a simple format: very short presentations (20 min), with a discussion space (10 min) for attendees.


To expose to the public the main ethical, legal and social problems of the COVID-19

Encourage an enriching debate that shows the most challenging issues that we have to face

To counterbalance the different views to understand the divergences between the experts

Activity directed to

  • All public


  • Streaming course
    • Covid-19
    • Law
    • Sostenibility
  • 17.Jun - 18.Jun
  • Online streaming
  • Spanish
  • Academic Validity: 20 hours