Natural gas and its contribution to the energy transition: ally or enemy?


Cod. E03-18

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In the face of a situation of limited resources and with the direct consequences of climate change knocking the door, the energy question is one of the main challenges of this century. Even though there is a consensus on the fact that we head for a 100% renewable energy scenario, there are diverging views about the role that fossil fuels should play in the transition to that scenario. Specifically, natural gas has been carrying more weight in the international scene and there is, at European level, a clear bet for the natural gas as transition fuel.

In the Spanish context, the Basque Country is one of the territories with largest gas infrastructure and therefore, the debate on the role that natural gas should play in the energy transition is of great importance. This course tries to delve into the potential and social, environmental and economic impacts of natural gas as transition fuel, as well as the development of the associated infrastructure. The main objective is to extend the multi-perspective knowledge and bring elements for the debate on the role that natural gas should play in the next decades.


Understand the main characteristics and biophysical limits of natural gas as energy resource, as well as the different methods of explotation.

Get knowledge on the current gas infrastructure developing plans at different levels: international, national and regional level. Analyse the socioeconomic impacts of gas projects.

Explore the potential of natural gas as complementary energy resource in a scenario of energy transition based on renewable energy.

  • Course
    • Architecture and urbanism
    • Economy and business
    • Energy and environment
  • 18.Jun
  • Bizkaia Aretoa-UPV/EHU
  • Spanish
  • Academic Validity: 10 hours