The social impact of university activity

05.Jul - 06.Jul

Cod. H14-18

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Does University stand aside of society, or is university behind society? We will focus this summer course about this topic.

We will highlight the need to show the contributions of the university that bring economic value, ethical and social development or, in general, that contribute to greater welfare for the society. In fact, the activity of transfer of university research has direct or indirect backwash on companies, institutions and non-profit organizations, and its impact in the growth of GDP is notorious. But in addition, university education and the divulgation activities of the research results increase the knowledge and development of the critical capacity of the population and their preparation and commitment to the environment.

The course will address the value and social transcendence of all these activities, pointing out the strengths and areas for improvement.

As Unibasq is an agency that evaluates university quality, we are particularly interested in studying ways to measure the impact of thes activities, both at the institucional level (university, faculty...); as at the individual level (teaching and research staff).

With this purpose, we will expose what is already done in our universities and in European universities, as well as the initiatives that are being developed to evaluate and measure this type of activities more precisely.



  • Identify and highlight the areas in which the university activity causes beneficial effects in society: economic and industrial development, social welfare and coexistence, culture, environment, etc.
  • Reflect on the convenience, feasibility and need to measure the social impact of the university both for the university system and for society in general.
  • To know and analyse the efficiency of systems for evaluating the social impact of university activity, comparing how it is done at a European and international level.
  • Identify evidences, activities and indicators that help to measure the social impact of university activity, both at institutional level (faculty or university), and at individual level (teaching and research staff).
  • To know local and international experiences about the impact of university activity in society, both at an institutional and individual level, as well as their results.


  • School
    • Education
    • Social Sciences
    • Teacher training Nafarroa - Navarre Government
  • 05.Jul - 06.Jul
  • Miramar Palace
  • Spanish
  • Academic Validity: 20 hours
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