Research and Innovation in frailty and aging

21.Jun - 22.Jun

Cod. O17-18

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The official languages of the course are spanish and english. There will be no translation service.

Aging is a global concern in advanced societies, which constitutes a challenge of first magnitude: at social, health and economic level. The change in demographic distribution observed in advanced societies are generating important imbalances in the social and health care system that could threaten sustainability of the aforementioned systems in developed countries, including Euskadi. Public policies and research and innovation strategies promoted by public administrations at the regional, national and international levels are giving priority to research and innovation on aging, being the identification of determinants of successful aging and the prevention of dependence the main priorities.

The focus of the summer course is going to be frailty syndrome, a clinical situation in which multiple factors converge in aged individuals. It is characterized by a decreased functional reserve and diminished ability to adapt to daily life stressors. It prelude to dependency, but unlike the latter, it is reversible. Therefore, the early identification of the subjects who suffer from frailty, as well as its adequate assessment, would allow avoiding or delaying dependency, thus improving the quality of life of those people and reducing the burden of social, family and health expenditure.

The course will present advances in research and innovation on frailty and aging from different fields such as Biology, Medicine, Primary Care, and Technology. Strategies fron the public and private sectors and views from stakeholders and companies will be discussed. The Summer Course is organized by the local consortium formed by the Biodonostia Institute, Tecnalia, the Basque Country University, Vicomtech, Cidetec, IK4-Tekniker and Matia Institute, which have been actively collaborating in this field for 3 years, having obtained funding in various calls from the Department of Industry and Health of the Basque Government, in addition to national and international calls. 


  • Show the impact that aging has on society.
  • Present the syndrome of frailty from different fields.
  • Stimulate the debate among different actors of our environment.
  • Present different strategies that are being developed at regional, national and European level to asses and prevent frailty.
  • Show the most recent results generated in research and innovation against aging and frailty.


  • Course
    • Health
    • Health, a commitment with people
    • Science and technology
  • 21.Jun - 22.Jun
  • Miramar Palace
  • Spanish
  • Academic Validity: 20 hours
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