Komunitateak ehunduz herri ekimenetatik

17.Jun - 18.Jun

Cod. G04-19

La mayoría de las conferencias de este curso serán en euskera, el resto en castellano. Si fuera necesario se habilitaría un sistema de traducción simultánea entre pares (xuxurlariak).

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In recent years, groups and social movements working in areas as diversity, feminisms anti-racism, environmentalism, interculturality and the promotion of the  Basque language have worked together and have created projects in common. In this course, we will delve into these experiences of collaboration and  we will learn more about the material and symbolic areas that are being built. In particular, to know more in depth the alliances, claims, denunciations and the artistic and cultural creation dimensions that are being given and that lead to the appearance of new forms of citizenship.

Under the title "Building the common future", the course will gather the most significant experiences in this field, discuss the results of a multidisciplinary research on the subject and enrich them with contributions from the different groups and social movements that participate in it.


Learn about the different approaches and projects that different groups and social movements are developing.

Carry out a comparative analysis of the collaboration between different social agents in Gipuzkoa and beyond.

Present and discuss with the different agents the preliminary results of a current research project.

Activity directed to

  • University students
  • Teachers
  • Professionals
  • All public
  • Researchers


  • PARTE HARTUZ Ikerketa Taldea
  • AFIT-Antropologia Feminista Ikerketa Taldea
  • NOR Ikerketa Taldea (UPV/EHU)
  • Course
    • Social Sciences
  • 17.Jun - 18.Jun
  • Miramar Palace
  • Spanish
  • Academic Validity: 20 hours