A las puertas de un nuevo modelo energético


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The energy transition must serve to provide certainty for all the actors, both public and private, and to mobilise climate action.

The energy model we know today is now obsolete. We are entering a new scenario in which it will be possible to meet much of the demand for energy with renewable energies, in which the consumer will be able to take much bigger decisions than simply choosing their energy supplier, in which telecommunications will play a larger role than the energy distributed and consumed itself, and in which many of the existing infrastructures will be placed in question.

If one works with a horizon (2050) in which demand is to be met by renewable energies, this will mean gradual electrification of different kinds of energy use, a change in which electric vehicles are already beginning to act as a driving force. This new scenario will be made up of small-scale, highly distributed power generation, in many cases associated with stored electricity, with multiple owners and new models for exchange and sharing of infrastructures and energy. Consumers will take on a leading role, acting as generators, users, sellers and members of energy communities, in spheres that are not currently open to them.

This change will be accompanied by a new paradigm in the distribution model, based on electric mobility and provided as a service rather than as a possession to use and maintain. All this will be based on good real-time data communication to allow immediate decision-making, precise awareness of the source of energy, of supply and of forecast prices. In this context, telecommunications and information systems will take on great importance in this energy sector.

We are therefore on the brink of a new reality which will offer countless opportunities that we would be foolish not to take.

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