Physics teaching and learning at University

The GIREP-MPTL 2018 international conference offered the opportunity for 257 delegates from 42 countries to come to San sebastian, from 9rd-13th July, to share their knowledge and experiences under the theme of “Research and Innovation in Physics Education: two sides of the same coin”. 

The conference was organized by the Donostia Physics Education Research Group (DPER) at University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) in cooperation with the Conference of International Research Group on Physics Teaching (GIREP), Multimedia Physics Teaching and Learnin (MPTL) and Cursos de Verano-Udak Ikastaroak at UPV/EHU. The Conference was sponsored by Real Sociedad Española de Física, European Physics Society-Physics Education Division (EPS-PED), City Hall of San Sebastian, Provincial Council of Guipuzcoa and  International Conference on Physics Education (ICPE) of the Commission C14 of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP). The Conference organizers gratefully appreciate the patronage received from the Department of Education of the Basque Government for this conference. Altogether, there were 181 oral presentations, 49 poster presentations, 10 workshops, 6 plenary, 2 plenary dialogues, 5 Girep Thematic Group contributions- across the seven conference topics:

  1. Physics teaching and learning at University
  2. Preservice and in service physics teachers education
  3. Physics education in non-formal setting
  4. Physics into STEM teaching and learning
  5. ICT and multimedia in Physics Education
  6. Nature of Science, gender and socio-cultural issues in physics education

The conference provided an opportunity to recognize outstanding individuals in Physics Education. Professor Gorazd Planinšič from the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) received the GIREP medal for his relevant contributions in Physics Education.

The second and third day of the Conference were dedicated to celebrating the teachers of physics and included two plenary presentations, two dialogues, 61 oral presentations, 6 symposium and 6 workshops on classroom teaching ideas and practices.

57 Phd, masters degree and undergratuate students participated in the conference, presenting posters and oral presentations. A Best PhD Student oral presentation Prize was awarded by the Real Sociedad Española de Física and a Best PhD Student Poster Prize was awarded by the European Physical Society.

The six invited speakers cover a wide landscope of the Research and Innovation in Physics Education.

The idea of “Dialogue” involves two experts with a leader who gives a brief feedback on the subject and proposes to the two experts questions for the discussion. The two invited dialogues were:

Dialogue 1: Primary, Secondary and University pre-service physics teacher Education. Leader: Marisa Michelini. invited speakers: Knut Neumann and Gabriela Lorenzo.

Dialogue 2: The actual and potential impact of physics education research in students’ learning. Leader: Mieke De Cock. Invited speakers: Jaume Ametller and Paula Heron.

The Conference included seven workshops, two invited by GIREP, one invited by EPS and one invited by MPTL. The Conference program also included three Symposiums and one workshop from the GIREP Thematic Group (GTG) organized through international cooperation. The Conference also provides an opportunity for the international exchange focus on two sessions: European Projects Corner and Early Career Topical Discussions. In the “European Projects Corner”, on going European projects and ideas to find synergies and possible partners were presented. In the “Early Carreer Topical Discussion”, Postdocs, new faculty, and other junior Physics Education Research (PER) members were invited to this topical discussion to meet and discuss common issues.