Patrimonio cultural y perspectiva de género

22.Nov - 17.Feb

Cod. k18-21

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What do women contribute to cultural heritage? Are we aware of the role they have played in creation, patronage, not to mention transmission of our culture? This course seeks to provoke reflection and overcome preconceived ideas regarding women’s legacy, since cultural heritage should not be conveying an intransigent narrative of the past, but rather offering a narrative committed to current problems and disposed to a critical review thereof. We firmly believe our heritage can be interpreted from the gender perspective; nevertheless, this means having to revise everything we thought we knew until now, by inserting a different long-lasting message inspiring a real change of attitude.

This is aimed at cultural heritage professionals in the widest possible sense, i.e. everyone from public administration, educational centres, museums and cultural installations interested in completing their training and education with skills aimed at fostering inclusion, accessibility and equality.  

Our teaching staff comprises people with a vast contrasted career, who are convinced of the ability of cultural heritage to change the way of thinking and positively impact society. This specific training course on gender perspective applied to cultural heritage with a new way of interpreting totally different from traditional patriarchal structures and androcentric views to convey those values of a fairer society for both men and women is the result of said staff’s personal commitment and determination.


Este proyecto tiene como objetivo formar y ayudar a construir una nueva narrativa que incorpore las aportaciones femeninas al patrimonio común.

Plantear propuestas de formación con una perspectiva de género y feminista en el ámbito del Patrimonio Cultural, y especialmente, en lo relativo a su interpretación, difusión y divulgación.

Avanzar hacia la consolidación e implementación de programas de formación que permitan incorporar la perspectiva de género a la gestión cultural, avanzando y construyendo patrimonios igualitarios.

Posicionarse como referente en la aplicación de la perspectiva de género en las políticas vinculadas al Patrimonio Cultural y a su socialización.

Activity directed to

  • University students
  • Professionals


  • Diputación Foral de Bizkaia DFB/BFA
  • Women's Legacy Bizkaia
  • Streaming course
    • Art and culture
    • Gender
    • Society
  • 22.Nov - 17.Feb
  • Bizkaia Aretoa-UPV/EHU
  • Spanish
  • Academic Validity: 250 hours