The Summer Courses foundation of the University of the Basque Country / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea organises the Summer Courses, which in 2021 will be reaching their 40th edition. A special edition in which we will be commemorating this anniversary.

The last edition in 2020 was characterised by its ability to adapt to the circumstances of the context marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, a major challenge that speeded up the process of implementing digital technology for training and dissemination of content in the UPV/EHU Summer Courses.

In 2021 we want to carry on moving forward in boosting the quality of the Summer Courses in order to remain a meeting place, Topagune, i.e. a participative platform for training, information and debate concerning the great challenges to our society now and in the future. We want to contribute on the basis of science and dissemination to a more sustainable society.

The pandemic caused by the virus calls for a thoughtful scientific, academic approach, which is why we offer a space to encourage objective discussion between the different actors in society, to draw conclusions to help transform society.

In 2021 the Summer Courses will offer new opportunities for participation using digital technology in order to carry on advancing in a situation of uncertainty over the evolution of the pandemic.

We would like to thank every one of the people who allow the Summer Courses to carry on being a meeting place for their collaboration. With this call for proposals we encourage all the Summer Course directors to carry on moving forward on this path with us.

We are setting the following goals for 2021:

  • To carry on progressing by improving the quality and impact of the Summer Courses.
  • To contribute to the projection of Basque culture.
  • To attract prominent actors in society and the academic and/or scientific world.
  • To foster participation by the different social actors, both public and private, to ensure a plurality of points of view and their contribution to responses to social challenges.
  • To advance in the methodology of the courses in order to foster participation by students and the inclusion of their points of view in debates.
  • To intensify the use of digital technology to reach new audiences.  
  • To develop the digital platform of the Summer Courses.
  • To improve communication for the courses by generating digital content for dissemination on networks.
  • To consolidate the DSF, Donostia Sustainability Forum.

We would like to thank every one of the people who allow the Summer Courses to carry on being a meeting place for their collaboration.

There are different ways to present proposals depending on the type of the activity:

Summer Courses proposals

Online courses proposals

Workshops proposals