What have we learned from the industrial reconversions in the Basque Country to better face the transition to decarbonization?


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The Summer Course "Green Deal: a turning point in the face of the climate crisis?" in which this round table is framed, addresses the political, economic and social challenges to achieve a fully decarbonized economy by 2050.

In this debate open to the whole of society, we intend to bring this reflection closer to the specific reality of the Basque Country. In recent decades there have been important reconversions and transformations in Basque industries. Now the response to the climate crisis requires the transformation of important sectors, among others, the iron and steel industry, oil refining, the automotive industry or its auxiliary industries, which account for a high percentage of the GDP and employment. At the same time, new possibilities are opening up in other sectors associated with the renewable energy value chain, such as wind power or power electronics for electric vehicles.

The debate will include the participation of prominent people from Basque society who have witnessed major transformations and whose experience will help us reflect on how we can better prepare ourselves in the Basque Country to take advantage of the opportunities and minimize the risks in the transition to a more sustainable and inclusive society.



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  • BC3
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    • Sostenibility
    • Business sustainability and circular economy
  • 09.Sep
  • Bizkaia Aretoa-UPV/EHU
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