Salud mental con perspectiva de genero. Hacia una práctica profesional feminista

23.Sep - 24.Sep

Cod. O24-21

Official language of the activity: Spanish

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The current Summer Course has the aim to deepen in the development of a professional practice with gender-related and feminist perspective.

Professionals of Psychology and other professional disciplines of social intervention, play an important role to adress of gender related violence and in the identification and eradicate of other types of violence that woman suffer from. For this purpose, it an accurate training with gender perspective and feminist approach to improve quality and effectiviness of profesional interventions is necessary.

Far away from ideological positioning and in order to consolidate the gender perspective scientifically, it is essential to systematize it, consolidate it methodologically and explain the necessity of its incorporation in professional practice and in building/construction of knowledge and scientific evidence in social sciences.

This Summer Course tries to promote a reflection and supervision space for professional practice in order to ensure that the gender perspective implantation will be a reality and not just a purpose.

In conclusión; psychology, psychiatry, social work and social education professionals who have managed to incorporate the feminist view and demands in their professional practice such as a new way to understanding and identifying structutal violence with the main goal to eradicate it, are invited. Likewise; the invitation is extended to other professionals who want to improve their work, increasing its efectiveness and incorporaring parameters of ethic and equality.



Make visble the necessity to incorporate into the professional practice the gender perspective and feminist orientation.

Define key and differentiating elements of the gender perspective and femnist orientation.

Learn to identify strcutural and cultural violence as well as social privileges. Learn how to name them in the contex of a therapeutic relationships.

Know gender commands and discomforts of women and men throughout life, and how these affect in health and psichological and physical well being.

Analyze power relationships that generate in therapeutic space and their influence on the processess of change.

Make visible and analyze androcentric view that has been predominant in psychopatology such as science.

Activity directed to

  • University students
  • Students not from university
  • Teachers
  • Professionals


  • Eusko Jaurlaritza - Osasun Saila
  • Osakidetza
  • Streaming course
    • Gender
    • Health
    • Health, a commitment with people
    • Psychology
    • Gender
  • 23.Sep - 24.Sep
  • Live online
  • Spanish
  • Academic Validity: 20 hours