Second Conference in Graphic Design. Design and sustainable society

27.Jun - 29.Jun

Cod. I02-18

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The fact that graphic design outputs create human-relation systems is undeniable. These systems generate a diversity of forms and meanings that build an essential piece of our society. From this basis, design states its unavoidable willing to generate connections, sensitivity and critical awareness about those factors that influence our human environment. Precisely, is this human space which draws the attention of graphic designers’ task, taking care of their current existence and a yearning reality. All of this departs from the social and ethical responsibility in order to create graphic productions that, directly or indirectly, underpin truly values and contribute positively to social sustainability.

From this point of view, we can see how graphic design is currently setting out on new paths, in line with its own disciplinary essence, beyond the spaces that has been traditionally related to, within production strategy and economic promotion. Thus, a large number of graphic designers has accepted the challenge of treading the path so as to advance in social development opportunities and reach different realities that are focused on both, human existence essential aspects and their collective evolution. It is obvious that these social actions from a design approach are not going to change the world all by themselves. However, graphic design as a social device trigger, in a sensitive way, helping to raise awareness for the social transformation of conflictive and unfair situations. We can demonstrate, thereby, that a better world is possible.

Through the diverse number of activities organized in this second edition of the Conference of Graphic Design, we propose specific research topics about the concrete field of graphic design for social sustainability. These research topics give the opportunity of enriching professional training, comparing and widening modes of thinking and doing, debating about our visual/communicative context, discussing about the kind of design that our society needs today and which it would probably need tomorrow, motivating the access to the profession and, in overall, sharing strategies that allow us to launching design culture in our society.



To contribute to the professional development of graphic design from an ethical, social and environmental perspective.

To provide with views and strategies involved from the approach of social sustainability so that they can be included in graphic design projects.

To present committed decisions, from an interdisciplinary perspective, focused on an ethical view in the management of design.

To accept the responsibility, from graphic design, of exploring new alternatives in the bias and means of graphic communication that allow to achieve new models of satisfaction of the real human needs.  

To assist to the recognition of the value of graphic design focused on people, that open new opportunities in their work.

To increase the social and ethical value understanding of the work of designers.


  • Gobierno Vasco / Eusko Jaurlaritza
  • Gobierno Vasco / Eusko Jaurlaritza (Lehendakaritza, Presidencia)
  • Congress
    • Information and Communication
    • Social Sciences
  • 27.Jun - 29.Jun
  • Bizkaia Aretoa-UPV/EHU
  • Spanish
  • Academic Validity: 30 hours
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