Windows of opportunity to save the planet


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A debate on the areas where overturns can occur to restore planetary equilibrium.

Action on environmental problems has lagged so far behind that only a rapid and radical shift in a positive direction could change the pace of things.

Although the real possibilities of a sudden and coordinated turnaround may seem slim, scientists point out that major social changes are not linear, and that specific actions or changes in attitudes can have a tremendous multiplier potential.

These changes would expand, in the same way as an oil slick, a transforming action that would allow us to break out of the linear processes of environmental deterioration and would lead us, irreversibly, to a new stable state for the planet.

Where might  these windows of opportunity or social tipping points capable of precipitating such large-scale changes open up?  Let's look at cities, the food system, energy, education, and others, in search of turning points to save the planet.



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  • Fundación BBVA
  • Face-to-face and live online course
    • Sostenibility
  • 21.Oct
  • Miramar Palace and live online
  • Spanish

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