XXXIV Edition 2015

A total of 131 activities have been taught in the 2015 Summer Courses Over 10,000 people, both students and teaching staff, have passed through our hallways. A high degree of satisfaction of participants was something that was particularly noteworthy from the surveys we have carried out. A very broad range of subjects has been taught this summer in different cycles and knowledge areas: Education, Health, Criminology, travel through life, social issues... The objectives established have been proven to be met following analysis of the data in this area.

The management of the Summer Courses wishes to pose new challenges and work to adapt to new requirements in the different fields of knowledge. The global nature of the courses and the significant use of the Basque language respond to the new educational challenges of the 21st century (entrepreneurship, fostering creativity, emotional education, introduction of ICT in education, strengthening online courses, etc.) remain objectives which will also define next year's programme.