Research and Innovation in Physics education

10.Jul - 11.Jul

Cód. Z17-18

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The course will provide participants with the opportunity to fruitfully exchange on their experience and ideas and share the latest information on Physics Education. The course emphasizes both results of physics education research and good practices in teaching physics. The Course strongly encourages practical application of emerging teaching strategies to problems of direct relevance to classroom. Consequently, both theoretical as well as applied physics education topics are of interest.


In accordance with the aforementioned objectives the course includes three different types of activities. “Lectures” on innovations in the teaching of physics based on the results of the research. "Dialogues" wich involves two experts with a leader who gives a brief feedback on the subject and proposes to the two experts questions for the discussion. “Workshops" on two topics of special relevance in the teaching of science: a) laboratory work and use of measurement sensors; b) The professional development of the science teacher.


  • Curso
    • Aprender para enseñar
    • Ciencia y tecnología
  • 10.Jul - 11.Jul
  • Escuela de Ingeniería de Gipuzkoa
  • Inglés
  • Validez académica: 20 horas
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