Healthier hydration for wellbeing


Kod. N01-18

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This  course has been designed to provide an integral perspective of hydtation on health and disease.Thus, a focus is centered in the  physiological influences of adequate water intake in different stages of life as well as the role in health maintenance and disease prevention has ben scheduled. Aanother focus is the impact of a balanced hydtration on appetite and cognitive functios, salud osea as well as the interactions with phisical activity and some diseases, Finally a session will be orientated to interpret the participation of water intake on dietary habits and  nhydration tby hydrating textures.


To provide the most updated findings on the role of adequate hydration, from a physiological perspective, for the correct function of human body, and specific physiological situations, such as childhood and growth.

To offer a wide view on the effects of adequate hydration for improving wellbeing in general and specific situations, such as exercise performance, certain diseases.

To provide practical tools for identifying risk situations of incorrect hydration, and to help searching alternative ways of hydrating from the act of "drinking" on individuals with determined conditions or ages.


  • Center for Nutrition Research, Universidad de Navarra
  • CIBERObn, Instituto de Salud Carlos III
  • IMDEA alimentación
  • Nestlé Waters
  • Basque Culinary Center
  • Coca cola
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    • Elikadura
    • Osasuna
    • Osasuna, pertsonekiko konpromisoa
  • 28.Abu
  • Miramar Jauregia
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