SUMSIC 2018. Innovation in the Public Sector. Regional and Local Challenges in Social Innovation

27.Eka - 29.Eka

Kod. G13-18

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The official languages of the course are spanish and english.  There will be translation service only from 9h to 11h.

This edition of the Social Innovation Communities Summer School will focus on the existing relation between social and public sector innovation at local and regional level. During the three-day summer school we will delve in different perspectives, tools, digital platforms, and methodologies that, through several local and regional experiences, networks, case studies, and workshops, help us co-design and co-create new public policies that answer to the key societal challenges in contemporary societies. This edition will try to create a shared learning space between the social and political spheres, through the involvement of different actors and agents, ranging from social innovators, social entrepreneurs and third sector organizations, to civil servants and policymakers.


Introducing Social Innovation Community project from the relationship between Social Innovation and Public Sector Innovation.

Learn about new cases, resources and tools related to public sector innovation, digital platforms and social innovation in the local and city level.

Share new experiences, cases, tools and knowledge that contribute to strengthen the networks and communities of social innovation at regional and international level.

Co-create and co-design new solutions to contemporary societal challenges which contribute to the improvement of public policies at local and regional level from a bottom-up approach.


  • Social Innovation Community Project. H2020
  • Sinnergiak Social Innovation (UPV/EHU)
  • Comisión Europea
  • Ikastaroa
    • Giza Zientziak
  • 27.Eka - 29.Eka
  • Miramar Jauregia
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