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19th European Workshop on Phosphorus Chemistry and  3rd Spanish Workshop on Phosphorus Chemistry (EWPC-19 & SWPC-3 )

19th European Workshop on Phosphorus Chemistry and 3rd Spanish Workshop on Phosphorus Chemistry (EWPC-19 & SWPC-3 )

28.Mar - 30. Mar, 2023 Cod. Z01-23


The European Workshop on Phosphorus Chemistry (EWPC) offers early-stage researchers an opportunity to communicate their work to the leading European research groups in phosphorus chemistry.

EWPC has a long tradition of workshops previously held in Kaiserslautern (2004), Bonn (2005), Leipzig (2006), Zandvoort (2007), Regensburg (2008), Florence (2009), Budapest (2010), Münster (2011), Rennes (2012), Regensburg (2013), Sofia (2014), Kassel (2015), Berlin (2016), Cluj-Napoca (2017), Uppsala (2018), Bristol (2019), Rennes (2020) and Rostock (2022).

This workshop series has a strong reputation for fruitful exchange of ideas, opinions and excellent discussions. The aspects of phosphorus chemistry covered by this workshop include organic, inorganic, polymer, materials chemistry and biological chemistry.

On the other hand, the Spanish Workshop on Phosphorus Chemistry (SPWC) conference is focused on gathering national groups devoted to phosphorus chemistry. After two editions online, this will be the first edition of SPWC in person. Remarkably, fusing EWPC & SPWC events aims to enhance international collaborations and strengthen the national phosphorus research community.

The program will include talks, and poster presentations from PhD students, as well as three invited plenary lectures by distinguished researchers. Students will also chair the sessions of oral contributions.


Abel de Cózar Ruano (UVP/EHU–DIPC, Ikerbasque)

Carlos Romero Nieto (UCLM)

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The goal of this joint workshop is to provide an interdisciplinary platform to share and discuss the latest developments from the European experts in phosphorus chemistry.

Activité s'adressant à

  • Étudiants universitaires
  • Professionnels


  • Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC)
  • Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha
  • Real Sociedad Española de Química
  • Chemistry Europe
  • Eusko Jaurlaritza Hezkuntza


Abel de Cózar Ruano


Carlos Romero Nieto



Thomas Baumgartner

York University

Ana M. Geer Geer

Instituto de Síntesis Química y Catálisis Homogénea (ISQCH-CSIC/UZ)

Andreas Orthaber

Uppsala University

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