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Quantum Designer Physics (QDP2024)

Quantum Designer Physics (QDP2024)

Uzt. 15 - 19. Uzt, 2024 Kod. Z15-24


The workshop will highlight recent advances in material systems designed for studying the most intriguing physical phenomena at the nanoscale. These phenomena are related to spin, topology, and coherence, which make it possible for the materials to display quantum functionalities. While Condensed Matter Physics is rich in material systems in which almost any physics can be readily found and studied, with recent developments of quantum materials, it appears possible to purposefully design material systems with a given physical phenomenon in mind. Thus, a 'toy model' which could be conceived to exhibit an interesting behavior can be implemented in quantum materials and used for basic research or applications.

This workshop brings together the leading experts working on quantum materials and aims at creating a stimulating atmosphere for discussing new physics on the marvelous sites of San Sebastian. We will discuss recent progress in creating ordinary and topological quantum systems in different dimensions, as well as some of the most exotic quantum materials based on graphene and other low dimensional materials. We will update on the progress in spin-based quantum computing with an outlook into the prominent future of quantum technologies. The quest for topologically non-trivial states in hybrid superconducting systems as well as topological quantum computing are also on our agenda. We hope the workshop will foster collaborations and inspire its attendants to tackle new problems with great ideas which make a difference for fundamental physics, lead to applications, and advance quantum technologies.

Daniel Loss (University of Basel)
Francisco Guinea (IMDEA Nanoscience, DIPC, Ikerbasque)
Vitaly Golovach (CFM-UPV/EHU, DIPC, Ikerbasque)

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To bring together leading experts working on the frontiers of the design of advanced materials with quantum functionalities.

To present and discuss the recent developments in the field and determine directions of future research.

To facilitate the discussion and foster collaborations between theoretical and experimental physicists, including local scientists from Donostia.

To create the conditions for young and brilliant scientists to present their work and make themselves visible in this rapidly developing field.

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  • Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC)


Vitaly Golovach

Materialen Fisika Zentroa CFM-UPV/EHU and Donostia International Physics Center, Ikerbasque Research Fellow

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Registration fees2024-07-07 arte
450,00 EUR


Miramar Jauregia

Mirakontxa pasealekua 48, 20007 Donostia



Miramar Jauregia

Mirakontxa pasealekua 48, 20007 Donostia