Frequent questions

Question: Is a minimum academic level required to attend activities organised by UIK?

Answer: It is not required. Most of the Courses are open to anyone interested, except for the Workshops that is aimed at professionals and experts in the field of the subject.We recommend consulting the fact sheet for each activity, which indicates the target audience.

Question: Do you get credits for attending a Summer Course?

Answer: Assistance to Summer Courses entitles you to obtain a certificate of attendance. The certificate lists the hours of academic validity which correspond to the activity. This certificate is the one that must be presented at the university center.

Question: Attendance at the Summer Courses, ¿would give points for the opposition?

Answer: Each opposition has its own rules. It will be necessary to consult the corresponding bases to find out if the certificate of attendance will have some validity.

Question:  How can I change the email address of my user?

Answer: Please write an email to indicating the email you want as new username and the Secretariat will update it for you.

Question:  How can I access my certificates?

Answer: Since 2019 the certificates are in the personal area of the platform. You only have to access your personal space entering your email (user) and your password. If you don't remember it, click on "Forgot password / Get password?"

Question: How can I get my certificates prior to 2019?

Answer: Write a message to with the following details: name and surname, title of the activity and year in which the activity was held.

Question: How can I access documentation from previous courses?

Answer: DThe documentation is only available to course attendees and only for a limited period of time.

Question: Where can I park if I drive to Miramar?

Answer: In the surrounding area there are OTA zones with different rates. Please check the Town Hall website or download the map of parking zones HERE. Remember that the green zones are the ones that allow you to park for longer periods of time.

Question: How can I get to Miramar by public transport? 

Answer: Please check the Dbus website for the bus routes that pass near the Palace. You can also get there on your bike or by renting a bike from Dbizi and park at the Services entrance or in the Antiguo neighbourhood.

Question: Is there a cafeteria at Miramar? 

Answer: Miramar Palace does not offer a cafeteria service. Alternatively, there are vending machines located in various areas offering coffee and snacks. Outside the Miramar Park there are many options of bars, cafes and restaurants.

Question: Live online course, how do I log in? 

Answer: A message with instructions will be sent before the course starts.