Mission, Vision, Values


UIK’s mission is to extend the scope of university life and training, particularly lifelong training, through the updating of professional knowledge, the raising of awareness and debate around issues that are of importance to society, thus creating a space of encounter and sharing.

UIK's complementary mission is to transmit a positive image of the UPV/EHU, and by extension of Basque culture, as well as of our institutions and collaborating entities.

UIK deploys its mission in cooperation with local, state and international public and socio-economic stakeholders.


Our vision is to become a reference at the national and international level for training, debate and meeting of the different agents in relation to the challenges of society.



Autonomy in terms of management within the framework of the UIK.


A passion for learning and respect for the plurality of ideas.


A service and proximity vocation and the ability to adapt and anticipate change in circumstances.


A commitment to sustainability as an inherent value of UIK.


A culture of innovation in the format, management and implementation of activities, fostering entrepreneurship.


Quality, as an aspiration of our offer and our management model.


Transparency and accountability or "stating what you are doing, doing what you say and being accountable".


Identity: rooted in the Basque Country, open to the world, following the University of the Basque Country's motto: Eman ta Zabal Zazu.


Consideration of the Foundation's staff as the essential core of the organization.


A cooperative attitude towards the Centres, Departments and Institutes of the University of the Basque Country, other Universities, Institutions, organisations, social and cultural associations and companies.