Enrollment Reductions

The Summer Courses Foundation offers different reductions on the general rate of the Courses. The request can be made:

  • Online registration: when you select the type of reduced registration, the "documentation" / "select file" box opens. Once the document is uploaded, you can continue with the registration process. Registration is not final until Summer Courses validate the document.

The enrollment reductions are divided into:

There are two types:

  • General reductions: in all activities for some social groups.
  • "Courses for everyone" Programme: reduced price in the courses that comprise the programme upon submission of the culture card (DK) or library membership or culture house card of the Basque Country.


1.- Special social groups:

Some social groups may request a discount in the general registration except in Congresses, Professional Conferences and some Courses, Schools and Workshops that have a special rate. For more information consult each activity.
​The following social groups may apply for reduced enrollment, providing in each case the related document:
Social groups Required documentation
Students Student card or registration copy
Unemployed DARDE (Unemployed card)
Retired DNI (Identification card)
Students of the UPV/EHU enrolled in the ehualumni network Documentation accrediting enrollment on ehualumni
Large family general category Certificate issued by the Regional Council of the territory, stating the condition of large family, indicating their category
UPV/EHU research and teaching staff, Non-teaching staff and Instructors of the Collaborating entities of the student internship programs Stamped and signed documentation from the educational institution (UPV/EHU)


2.- "Courses for everyone" Programme:

The programme will be formed with courses of diverse topics aimed to the general public.

Programme Required documentation
Courses for everyone Card or document accrediting membership of the library or culture house of Basque Country