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Exciton Transport in 2D Materials

Exciton Transport in 2D Materials

Mai. 30 - 02. Eka, 2023 Kod. 009-23


The goal of the workshop is to explore novel directions in the field of exciton transport and associated exciton scattering phenomena in van der Waals 2D semiconductors. We wish to bring together experts from experiment and theory, to encourage exchange of ideas and identify emerging questions for future research.

The main topics will be focused on both measurements of exciton propagation and relevant theoretical descriptions in monolayer semiconductors, heterostructures, and 2D perovskites. These will further cover closely related phenomena, such as exciton coupling to free electrons, phonons and other excitons, as well as the role of external fields in exciton transport. Of particular relevance will be the role of structural modifications such as atomic defects, superlattices, and local reconstruction in heterostructures.

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Identify the main challenges in current research of exciton transport, associated time-resolved observations and dominating underlying interaction mechanisms in 2D materials.

Find connections between material systems, with emphasis on quantum wells, monolayer semi-conductors, heterostructures, and 2D perovskites, and discuss similarities and differences of their properties.

Discuss quantum effects on exciton transport and their tunability, for example through structural design, modification of the dielectric environment, applied strain and external magnetic and electric fields.

Irakurri gehiago

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Alexey Chernikov

TU Dresden

Sivan Refaely-Abramson

Weizmann Institute of Science


Timothy Berkelbach

Rudolf Bratschitsch

Leonid Butov

Felipe da Jornada

Paulo Eduardo de Faria Junior

Milan Delor

Parag Deotare

Dmitry Efimkin

Mikhail Glazov

Alexander Högele

Christoph Kastl

Aaron Kelly

Andras Kis

Laurent Lombez

Ermin Malic

Andrés Montoya-Castillo

Fulvio Paleari

Paulina Plochocka

Ferry Prins

Diana Qiu

Akshay Rao

Ronen Rapaport

Pina Romaniello

William Tisdale

Ursula Wurstbauer

Danielle Sanvitto

Richard Schmidt

Alexander Steinhoff


Miramar Jauregia

Mirakontxa pasealekua 48, 20007 Donostia



Miramar Jauregia

Mirakontxa pasealekua 48, 20007 Donostia