International conference on thermoelectric materials

12.Jun - 14.Jun

Cod. Z03-19

Official language of the activity: English

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The ideal form of energy is easy to store, transport, distribute, and use and in this respect electricity is as close as possible to this ideal. The current electrical energy production relies on some well established physical and chemical processes, which impact our climate due to abundant production of greenhouse gasses and moreover deplete some of the non-renewable natural resources. While the quest to replace these resources is open and active, we should try to ameliorate the situation by improving the conversion processes from less-refined forms of energy to electricity. A possible improvement is based on the thermoelectric effect, where a gradient of temperature between parts of the same device can be converted to electricity. Here, the temperature gradient is possibly provided by waste-heat of the main production method. This process is usually clean in the sense that devices have a very long time span since both chemical processes (ideally) and moving parts are absent. The quest for highly efficient thermoelectric has strongly benefitted from the advancements in nanotechnology — the thermoelectric conversion is limited by the heat and electricity dispersion and diffusion. Indeed, on physical terms is a combined and difficult electrical and thermal transport problem.

This quest can succeed only if the theoretical and experimental communities get together, identify the common problems, and share their expertise in finding solutions. Efficient energy production is not only beneficial to our world, but it is ground for significant industrial expansion since many solutions can be applied to diverse markets.


Exchanging novel theories and materials towards the improvement of the thermoelectric conversion efficiency.

Assert the presence of the Spanish scientific community at the forefront of the renewable energy endeavour for the foreseeable future. Building a strong national community if fundamental to improve the Spanish position on a field that has wide scientific, technological and industrial applications.

This is seen as the first of a series of events for establishing a community working on the thermoelectric energy conversion.

We plan to give the opportunity to young scientists to present their achievements alongside more senior colleagues.

Activity directed to

  • University students
  • Professionals
  • Researchers


  • Ministerio de Ciencia Innovación y Universidades
  • Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad
  • Eusko Jaurlaritza / Gobierno Vasco. IKERBILERAK
  • Workshop
    • Energy and environment
    • Science and technology
  • 12.Jun - 14.Jun
  • Materials Physics Center (CSIC-UPV/EHU)
  • English
  • Academic Validity: 30 hours