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We have participated in the design of the 2030 Environmental Framework Program

The Basque Government has approved the fifth Environmental Framework Program for 2030, which will guide environmental policies, following an extensive participation process involving all stakeholders and sectors of Basque society. The UPV/EHU Summer Courses Foundation (UIK) participated in the program's design phase and will collaborate in the implementation of the plan through the Donostia Sustainability Forum organized under the UIK umbrella.

The development of the 2030 Environmental Framework Program took place starting from April 2022, involving the participation of 40 experts from all areas of Basque society..

During the program's design phase, a working session was held at the Miramar Palace in Donostia-San Sebastián, organized by IHOBE. For this phase, six working teams were designated, and Itziar Alkorta, Academic Director of the UPV/EHU Summer Courses, was responsible for coordinating one of them.

Estos han sido los coordinadores y los equipos de trabajo que han guiado la fase de diseño del programa.

  • Integration of the environment into other policies: Itziar Alkorta, Academic Director of UPV/EHU Summer Courses and coordinator of the Donostia Sustainability Forum.
  • Health and the environment: Cristina Ortiz de Salido, Responsible for Health Programs at the Basque Government's Health Department.
  • Competitive sustainability: Jorge Fernández, Coordinator of Energy and Environment at the Basque Institute of Competitiveness-Orkestra.
  • Conscious and sustainable consumption model: Eneko Atxa, chef and owner of the Azurmendi group.
  • Sustainable financing: Garbiñe Manterola, Responsible for Transfer at BRTA – Basque Research & Technology Alliance.
  • Monitoring and advanced management: Mª José Sanz, BC3 - Scientific Director of the Basque Center for Climate Change.

After completing the design phase, the Basque Government has recently presented eight transformative projects within the Environmental Framework Program of Euskadi for 2030 (PMA 2030). Preserving the environment and improving people's well-being are the main objectives on which this plan is based. The defined projects are as follows:

  1. Promoting a central procurement of sustainable products and services.
  2. Fostering sustainable territorial cohesion..
  3. Establishment of a health and environment observatory
  4. Promoting circularity in value chains.
  5. Supporting SMEs in the transition to sustainability..
  6. Promoting social innovation in the service of sustainability
  7. Empowering citizens in sustainable consumption.
  8. Promoting sustainable finance.

These projects address global environmental issues and foresee disruptive actions to generate more sustainable practices. The aim is to involve different stakeholders and sectors in the process and socialize the development of the Plan.

In this regard, in 2020, we created the Donostia Sustainability Forum initiative, and in alignment with the IEP2030 project, we will organize actions within the DSF in collaboration with IHOBE.

As Itziar Alkorta, Academic Director of UIK, states, "we must invest in knowledge to preserve the environment, share sustainability goals, and give citizens the opportunity to participate."
In this regard, the commitment of citizens will be essential to achieve the goals set for 2023.