Developing creativity: digital magazine and short story

11.Mar - 14.Apr

Cod. @8-19

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Approved by the Education Department of Navarra Government and by the Education Department of the Basque Government (Cod. 1868170032) (official certificate issued). 

- 30 hours during 4 weeks ( 7-8 working hours per week)

- Beginning: 11/03/2019  End: 14/04/2019

Price: 80 euros

Official languages: Basque and English

This proposal consists of the presentation of cross-curricular materials that may be useful for our daily sessions. It is our objective to improve our daily work and to motivate our students by using some innovative materials presented in this course. We present a digital magazine that can be used as a good practice and we also present the methodological reflections on which this project is based. Among the tasks of the magazine, we concentrate on the production of a short story. We will talk about the structure of the story and some concrete technical features will be presented. Using these resources, our students will be able to develop their creativity and also their autonomy (Dam 1995), and we will also present strategies to help in the process of creating. The participants of this course will interact through the forum. Teachers will share interactive proposals, such as the short story resulting from the application of the strategies presented. In addition, we will inform about some European cross-curricular projects to work in a coordinated manner.


Motivate our students working in a creative and dynamic way.

Present strategies to work in an autonomous way: magazine and short story.

Present samples and models to develop creativity: the digital magazine and some short stories will be helpful to develop ideas.

Present tools for multilingual and cross-curricular productions (triple literacy and other activities).

Group work will be on the bases of an interaction of several types.

Presentation of good practices to develop ideas.

Presentation of concrete strategies and techniques to start to create (steps to face an empty paper and the accordion).

Activity directed to

  • University students
  • Teachers
  • Researchers
  • Online Course
    • Education
    • Teacher training - BG
    • Teacher training - NG
  • 11.Mar - 14.Apr
  • Basque
  • Academic Validity: 30h hours