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One hundred years of the IUPAP. A workshop

One hundred years of the IUPAP. A workshop

20.Oct - 22. Oct, 2022 Cód. Z28-22


The year 2022 marks the centenary of the foundation of the International Union for Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP). As part of the celebrations of this anniversary, the IUPAP sponsors the organization of an academic workshop and the production of an academic volume on the history of the IUPAP, broadly construed. Topics include: the role of the IUPAP in the development of physics, the connections between science and diplomacy in the work of the IUPAP, the internationalization of physics through the 20th century, the relationship and definitions of pure and applied physics within the activities of the IUPAP, the relation between global and local actions of IUPAP officers and committees, the construction of the network of international organizations in the natural sciences, etc.

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This workshop is part of the centennary of the IUPAP celebrations. The papers discussed during this workshop are preliminary versions of the chapters of an edited volume to appear in 2023 in Oxford University Press.

Público objetivo al que está dirigida la actividad

  • Alumnado universitario
  • Profesionales


  • Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC)
  • International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP)


Jaume Navarro ---

Ikerbasque and UPV/EHU

Jaume Navarro is Ikerbasque Research Professor at the University of the Basque Country. He has worked extensively on the history of 19th and 20th century physics and is author, among others, of A History of the Electron (Cambridge, 2012), and editor of Research and Pedagogy: A history of Quantum Physics through its Textbooks (Berlin, 2013) and Ether and Modernity: The recalcitrance of an epistemic object (Oxford, 2018).


Daniele Cozzoli

Connemara Doran


GHDSO - Université Paris Saclay - France

Robert Fox

Karl Grandin

Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Barbara Hof


Danian HU

Southern University of Science and Technology

Kenji Ito Ito

Kyoto University

Alexei Kojevnikov

Roberto Lalli

DIMEAS - Politecnico di Torino

Jinyan LIU

Institute for the History of Natural Sciences, CAS

Joseph Martin

Durham University

Gisela Mateos


Doubravka Olsakova

Senior Researcher

Simone Turchetti

University of Manchester

Brigitte Van Tiggelen

Science History Institute

Luciana Vieira Souza da Silva Vieira Souza da

State University of Campinas

Xiaodong YIN YIN

Capital Normal University

Climério Silva Neto

Universidade Federal da Bahia

Josep Simon

Institut interuniversitari López Piñero

Precios matrícula

Registration feesHasta 09-10-2022
250,00 EUR


Cámara de Gipuzkoa

Avda. de Tolosa, nº 75 - 20018 Donostia/San Sebastián



Cámara de Gipuzkoa

Avda. de Tolosa, nº 75 - 20018 Donostia/San Sebastián


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