22nd IIWC International Symposium. Wooden Heritage Conservation: beyond disciplines / 1st IIWC Course on Wooden Heritage Conservation

22nd IIWC International Symposium. Wooden Heritage Conservation: beyond disciplines / 1st IIWC Course on Wooden Heritage Conservation

30.Sep - 05. Oct, 2019 Cod. A06-19


Since the ICOMOS International Wood Committee, IIWC, was established in 1975, the need for a set of conservation principles has been a continuous theme in the Committee’s ongoing discussions and activities.

In a session of the of the 19th General Assembly of ICOMOS held in Delhi on 15th December 2017 the new IIWC ‘Principles for the Conservation of the Wooden Built Heritage’ were adopted as ICOMOS doctrinal text. These new ‘Principles’ replace those adopted previously in 1999.

Last year, the 21st IIWC Symposium held in York was a multidisciplinary forum for the interchange of experience, ideas, and knowledge of ‘New Horizons’ in the conservation of wooden built heritage as embraced in the new ICOMOS ‘Principles’ adopted in 2017.

This year we will like to take a step further with the organization in the Basque country of a symposium and a course that amplifies the effort in order to give a focus of a holistic approach to wooden heritage conservation that extends beyond structures to include together with the materiality of wood construction, its complex intangible side. Its scope includes the diversity of professions involved, possible approaches and processes, from a global perspective and their adaptations to the conservation of local wooden heritage.

We will like to create a forum to expose, exchange and discuss different theories, including processes, methodologies and intervention techniques in wooden heritage from different points of view through different disciplines but with a common goal which includes every agent involved. (Carpenters, engineers, architects, archaeologists, historians, chemists, administrations and other stakeholders).

This course aims to give a focus of a holistic approach to wooden heritage conservation that extends beyond structures to include together with the materiality of wood construction, its complex intangible side. Its scope includes the diversity of professions involved, possible approaches and processes, from a global perspective and their adaptations to the conservation of local wooden heritage.

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To announce/expose different theories, including processes, methodologies and intervention techniques in wooden heritage from different points of view through different disciplines but with a common goal and includes every agent involved. (Carpenters, engineers, architects, archaeologists, historians, chemists. ..)


Mikel Landa, IIWC

Ainara Iroz, Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa

Josu Maroto, Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa


  • 8 April 2019: 1º Call for Papers
  • 3 June 2019: 2º Call for PApers
  • 24 June 2019: EXTENDED! Deadline for submission of Abstracts
  • 22 July 2019: Selected speakers notified of their selection

Papers are invited from both ICOMOS members and non-members. To propose a paper, please submit a concise one A4-page abstract as follows:

  • Language: English
  • Abstract length: Maximum 300 words
  • Author’s biography summary: Maximum 100 words
  • At the top of the abstract indicate: the chosen theme/ topic; the title of the paper; and three to five keywords that reflect the general theme of the paper; then
  • Author’s name(s), any institutional affiliation and contact details (postal address, phone, fax, e-mail)
  • If you are an ICOMOS member, your ICOMOS membership number and National Committee.
  • No more than one abstract will be considered per author (unless for the second abstract you are not the principal author).
  • Abstracts should be emailed to: iiwc.bilbao@gmail.com


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Activity directed to

  • University students
  • Professionals
  • Researchers


  • IIWC ICOMOS International Wood Committee
  • GPAC. Built Heritage Research Group. UPV/EHU
  • Cátedra UNESCO de Paísajes Culturales y Patrimonio de la UPV/EHU
  • Diputación Foral de Bizkaia
  • Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa
  • Diputación Foral de Alava
  • Basquegur
  • ICOMOS Comité Nacional Español


Mikel Iñaki Landa Esparza


Architect in 1991, PhD in 1997 and Extraordinary PhD Award in 1999. He is a specialist in wood architecture, preservation of heritage and cultural landscapes. He has worked in the field of heritage since 1991 carrying out a number of conservation jobs. The most relevant is the integral recovery of Añana Salt Valley, which he led from 1999 to 2012. Professor of ETSAUN since 1991, he has taught classes in Heritage Masters and technology centers in Spain and abroad.


Gustavo Araoz


A native of Cuba, Gustavo Araoz is an architect whose 40-year career has focused on the management and conservation of the historic built environment. His private practice has included heritage consulting services for the US Departments of the Interior, State and Defense, the Organization of American States, UNESCO, the Cities of Buenos Aires, Charleston, Chicago, Madrid, New Orleans and Newport; and the Governments of Barbados, El Salvador, Paraguay, St Kitts and the Bahamas. He was a faculty member of the Graduate Program in Historic Preservation at the University of Pennsylvania years, and a visiting lecturer at Universities in Argentina the USA, Brazil, Germany and the Dominican Republic His public service included three terms to the presidency of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS). Other public service includes membership in the advisory boards of foundations, such as the Getty and in various international expert committees.

Alicia Castillo

Alicia Castillo Mena is a professor in the Department of Prehistory, Ancient History and Archeology of the Faculty of Geography and History of the Complutense University of Madrid. Archaeologist specialist in Cultural Heritage management, her main works have been focused on the relationships of urbanism with Archeology and World Heritage issues. She is co-director of the Research Group on Management of Cultural Heritage of the UCM, Internship Coordinator of the Interuniversity Master's Degree Cultural Heritage in the XXI Century: Management and Research (UPM and UCM), President of the Spanish National Committee of ICOMOS and Vice-President for Europe of the Scientific Committee Management of the Archaeological Heritage of the same organization.

Jorge Manuel Goncalves Branco

Jorge Branco is Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Minho, Portugal, where he has been developing research in the field of timber constructions. Jorge Branco is experienced in the fields of timber structures, from wood and wood–based products characterization, design of connections, to the diagnosis and strengthening of timber elements and joints. The robustness and resilience of timber structures, in particular, the ones located in seismic regions, are one of his research topic. Jorge Branco is Chair of the RILEM Technical Committee RTE - Reinforcement of Timber Elements in Existing Structures, member of the WG8 for the seismic performance of timber structures and member of the Portuguese standardization committee CT14.

Andrew Holloway

The Green Oak Carpentry Company Ltd

Andrew Holloway is a carpenter and joiner who founded his own company in 1991, The Green Oak Carpentry Company Ltd. whith designers, manufacturers and restorers of modern and historic timber structures with commissions from among others; The National Trust, English Heritage, The Crown Estates, Historic Royal Palaces, The Weald and Downland Open Air Museum and many other prestigious private clients. Author of Green Oak in Construction for the Forestry Commission produced in conjunction with TRADA (Chris Mettem) and Arup’s senior timber engineer (Peter Ross) 2007 Member of the UK and International Wood Committee of ICOMOS Since the company began trading it has won a number of prestigious awards including; three times winner of the Institute of Carpenters Gold Award: winner of the British Construction Industry Association Award: twice winner of RIBA National Award, twice runner up for the Stirling Price and winner of the I Struct E Gold Award for excellence in engineering.

Ainara Iroz Zalba

Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa / Gipuzkoako Foru Aldundia, Patrimonio Histórico-artístico

Technical Architect of the Historical-artistic Heritage Service of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. Master in Conservation and Restoration of Architectural and Urban Heritage (UPM).

Margarita Kisternaya

Margarita Kisternaya, is a Senior researcher for the KIZHI State Open-Air Museum of History, Architecture and Ethnography, Petrozavodsk, Russia. She graduated from St.Petersburg State University in 1990 and holds a PhD (Wood science) in Moscow State forestry University, 2000. Her research field is the biodeterioration of timber structures, quality of timber, wood ageing, monitoring, longevity of timber structures. She has more than 85 papers. M. Kisternaya was awarded as a best young researcher of Russian Academy of Sciences, of 1992 and 1998; also awarded by Europa Nostra Grand Prize (2009); Ron Cocroft award (2011), Sertificate of Merit of Karelian Ministry of Culture (2016). She is a member of the Russian Regional Council of Wood Science.

Josu Maroto Peñagaricano

DIPUTACION FORAL DE GIPUZKOA, Patrimonio Histórico-artístico

Architect of the Historical-artistic Heritage Service of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. Master in Rehabilitation, Restoration and Integral Management of the Built Heritage and of the existing Constructions (UPV / EHU)

Emmanuel Maurin

After graduate studies (PhD in wood sciences) between the Universities of Bordeaux and Nancy, I turned to the field of wood conservation / restoration starting with a technical training (cabinetmaker´s for 8 months). I was able to integrate into the Research Laboratory of Historic Monuments (1998). In this laboratory, I continued to train (diploma in xylology), and I developed programs of study and research on the conservation of the material: material knowledge, diagnosis of old wood, methods of conservation-restoration. I am the secretary of an association in the field (the French Section of the international institute of conservation, sfiic.com) and co-animator of the working group "wood" in this association. I belong also to the wood group of ICOMOS France.

Sjur Mehlum

Carpenter since 1986 and Master degree in Ethnology, Sjur works at the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage in the Section for Conservation since the last 22 years. He has been in charge of the program which aim is to restore the Norwegian medieval wooden stave churches and is the Co-author and sub-editor of the book “Preserving the stave churches craftmanship and research” from 2016. He is also a lecturer and planner of The International Course on Wood Conservation Technology (ICWCT) a partnership among ICCROM, the Directorate of Cultural Heritage of Norway and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in the past editions of 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018.He is now preparing a new course for 2020. He also achieved a long experience as advisor concerning conservation and restoration of wooden buildings and medieval churches built in stone.

Enrique Nuere

Doctor Architect since 1967, with extensive professional experience, expert in the Spanish carpentry, after deciphering an old treatise on the subject, a task in which renowned researchers had failed. Dedicated mainly to research and restoration of roofs, coffered ceilings, and all kinds of structures throughout Spain. In 2010 he entered the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando. His written and drawn work is known, especially about Diego López de Arenas, and Fray Andrés de San Miguel. Additionally, books, articles, talks and exhibitions have been shaping his role as disseminator of our historic carpentry. In recognition of his work he has received many prizes including the followings: 1980 Research Prize of the COAM, 1981 National Prize of Handicrafts Marqués de Lozoya, 1988 Europa Nostra Prize (Convent of Santa Clara, Salamanca), 1990 Research Prize of the COAM.

Masahiko Tomoda

Recently appointed Director of the Japan Center for International Cooperation in Conservation, belonging to the Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties and Secretary-general of the Japan Consortium for International Cooperation in Cultural Heritage, Mr Tomoda is a MS in Emgineering Senior Architect and a Consulting Civil Engineer since 1990. He is also a board member of ICOMOS Japan. During his professional career he has achieved a great experience involved in several international projects, being the director of the Siem Reap Office for the Japanese Government team for Safeguarding Angkor in Cambodia and working as a dispatched expert at the ministry of education for the Royal Government of Thailand. Other surveys and informs includes Asian countries such as Myanmar, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, Buthan and Mongolia where he has been helping in damage assessments of built heritage.

Manuel Touza Vázquez

Agencia Gallega de la Industria Forestal (XERA - CIS Madera)

Manuel Touza is a Forestry Engineer from the School of Engineering of Montes de Madrid and PhD in Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He has 25 years of experience in Technological Wood Centers. He started his professional activity in the Technical Research Association of the Wood Industries (AITIM) and, since 1997, he works in the Center for Innovation and Technological Wood Services of Galicia (CIS-Madeira), integrated in the Galician Agency of the Forest Industry (XERA). He is the co-author or main author of several books, including a Wood Species Guide or a manual on Durability of Wood Projects. He has made numerous reports and technical assistance related to wood construction, both in new construction and in rehabilitation. Among its areas of specialization is the construction design of wood projects abroad, mainly wooden facades.

Tina Wik

Tina Wik is an architect running her own studio. Since 1983, as a partner within Mattsson & Wik Arkitektkontor AB and since 1997 within Tina Wik Arkitekter AB. The office is engaged in both new projects as well as conservation projects, mostly with listed buildings; museums, Parish Houses, Embassies, housing, schools and officies, both in Sweden and abroad, mainly in Bosnia Herzegovina and Tanzania. She has additionally been teaching in Wooden Architecture as well as Architectural Conservation as a professor at the Royal Technical Universty, the Royal Institute of Art and at University Dalarna. Several projects have been awarded with different prizes, Wälludden recieved an urban prize in Växjö, Nora Parish House was nominated to the Wooden Prize and received a Europa Nostra Award. TW was additionally participating in the project of Leksand’s Cultural House that received the most prominent architectural prize in Sweden, the Kasper Sahlin Prize.

David Yeomans

independent scholar

David Yeomans is a structural engineer who taught in schools of architecture principally at Liverpool and Manchester Universities. He was a founding member of the ICOMOS UK Wood Committee and its chairman for some years. He was also a founding member of ISCARSAH, the ICOMOS committee dealing with the conservation of historic structures and served as its secretary general for six years. He has been a consultant on a number of World Heritage sites. He is presently vice-chairman of the Construction History Society and publishes on the history of structural carpentry.

Jack Sobon

Architect/Carpenter/Timber Frame Scholar

Mr. Sobon is an architect and carpenter specializing in the repair of historic timber framed buildings and the design and construction of new, traditional ones. He is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design and was introduced to the craft of timber framing in 1976 by a contractor working with old barns. To further his understanding of the craft, since 1980 he has constructed over fifty timber framed structures using only traditional hand tools and in many cases starting in the forest. He has taught over 60 workshops using historic methods and is the author of four books on the craft including Build a Classic Timber Framed House and Historic American Timber Joinery. He is a founding director of the Timber Framer’s Guild of North America and an original member of the Traditional Timberframe Research and Advisory Group, an offshoot of the Guild. He lives in the forested hills of Western Massachusetts.


Bizkaia Aretoa - UPV/EHU and Miramar Palace

Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa