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Nanophotonics of 2D Materials (N2D2023 )

Nanophotonics of 2D Materials (N2D2023 )

19.Jun - 22. Jun, 2023 Cod. Z05-23


Nanophotonics of 2D materials (N2D) aims in gathering specialists in light-matter interactions in atomically thin materials, such as graphene, topological insulators, thin polar and semiconducting layers and other van der Waals materials, including their heterostructures. It provids a setting where researchers from diverse fields can convene, particularly from classical and quantum optics, material science and condensed matter physics. 


Alexey Nikitin (DIPC, Ikerbasque, Spain)

Tony Low (U. Minnesota, US)

Luis Martín-Moreno (INMA, CSIC - U. Zaragoza, Spain)


Kateryna Domina
(DIPC, Spain)

Tetiana Slipchenko

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Sharing the latests scientific results in the field.

Getting in touch with other specialists in the field.

Interaction between students and experienced scientists.

Activity directed to

  • University student
  • Professionals


  • Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC)
  • Instituto de Nanociencia y Materiales de Aragon (INMA)
  • ACS Publications


Alexey Nikitin

Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC), Ikerbasque Research Associate


igor aharonovich

Pablo Alonso González

University of Oviedo-Asturias

Prof. Pablo Alonso-González holds a Distinguished Researcher position at the University of Oviedo (Spain) where he leads the Quantum Nanooptics Lab at the Department of Physics. He obtained his PhD degree in Physics from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (2009). From 2009 to 2015 he was post-doctoral researcher at the Nanooptics group at CIC nanoGUNE in San Sebastian (Basque Country, Spain). Alonso-González´s research activities are focused on materials science and nanophotonics with special emphasis on the study of the opto-electronic properties of novel 2D materials at the nanoscale. In 2014 he received the Spanish Royal Society of Physics (RSEF-BBVA) prize in the category of young experimental scientist, and in 2021 he was selected as finalist for the Falling Walls Science Breakthroughs of the Year 2021 in Physical Sciences. In 2016 and 2022 he was awarded by the European Research Council (ERC) with a Starting and a Consolidator Grant, respectively.

Harry Atwater Atwater

California Institute of Technology

Dmitri Basov

Columbia University

Dmitri N. Basov (PhD 1991) is a Higgins professor and Chair of the Department of Physics at Columbia University [], the Director of the DOE Energy Frontiers Research Center on Programmable Quantum Materials and co-director of Max Planck Society – New York Center for Nonequilibrium Quantum Phenomena. He has served as a professor (1997-2016) and Chair (2010-2015) of Physics, University of California San Diego. Research interests include: physics of quantum materials, superconductivity, two-dimensional materials, infrared nano-optics. Prizes and recognitions: Sloan Fellowship (1999), Genzel Prize (2014), Humboldt research award (2009), Frank Isakson Prize, American Physical Society (2012), Moore Investigator (2014, 2020), K.J. Button Prize (2019), Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship (U.S. Department of Defense, 2019), National Academy of Sciences (2020).

Stéphane Berciaud

Dario Bercioux

Donostia International Physics Center

Zhigang Chen

Nankai University

Monica Craciun

University of Exeter

Robert Hicken

University of Exeter

Felipe Jornada

Stanford University

Ido Kaminer

Susanne C. Kehr

TU Dresden, Germany

Frank Koppens


Prof. Frank Koppens obtained his PhD in experimental physics at Delft University, at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, The Netherlands. After a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University, Since August 2010, Koppens is group leader at the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO). The quantum nano-optoelectronics group of Prof. Koppens focuses on both science and technology of novel two-dimensional materials and quantum materials. Prof. Koppens is vice-chairman of the executive board of the graphene flagship program, a 1000 MillionEuro project for 10 years. He is also the leader of the optoelectronics workpackage within the flagship. Koppens has received numerous ERC awards: the ERC starting grant, the ERC consolidator grant, and four ERC proof-of-concept grants. Other awards include the Christiaan Hugyensprijs 2012, the national award for research in Spain, the IUPAP young scientist prize in optics, and the ACS photonics investigator award. Since 2018 Koppens is on the Clarivate list for highly cited researchers, in the physics category. Koppens has been elected as fellow of the American Physical Society in 2022. In total, Koppens has published more than 120 refereed papers (H-index 69).

Alexander McLeod

University of Minnesota

Vinod Menon Menon

City College and Graduate Center CUNY

Doron Naveh

Bar-Ilan University

Cheng-Wei Qiu Qiu

Miriam Serena Vitiello


Justin Song

Nanyang Technological University

Amaia Zurutuza Elorza


Registration fees

Registration feesUntil 30-05-2023Until 11-06-2023
250,00 EUR350,00 EUR
400,00 EUR500,00 EUR


Miramar Palace

Pº de Miraconcha nº 48. Donostia / San Sebastián



Miramar Palace

Pº de Miraconcha nº 48. Donostia / San Sebastián