Iraunkortasuna: definiziotik, kudeaketa-eskala egokira


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Sustainability is a complex and multidimensional issue. In this dialogue, its relationship with the primary sector will be analyzed.

Arantza Aldezabal will begin her speech by recalling the definition of sustainability and reflecting on it. Responding to Galarraga's questions, she will talk about its multidimensional complexity in the context of the climate emergency and its link to the primary sector, referring to food sovereignty and the circular economy, among other issues.

Finally, Aldezabal will explain what she believes to be the appropriate scale for management and will also talk about the keys to achieving this.

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  • Professionals
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  • dfs
  • Open activity
    • Sostenibility
  • 28.Sep
  • Miramar Palace
  • Basque

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