LIVE ONLINE COURSE - Gastro-omics and Precision Nutrition

20.Aug - 21.Aug

Cod. X30-20

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Precision nutrition is an emerging health approach, which takes into consideration the genetic information of an individual, as well as age, gender, phenotype, medical history and personal physiopathological status and associated lifestyle factors in relation to nutrition and healthy outcomes . Advances in the "omics" sciences are contributing to better understandof the interactions between environmental factors and genetic variants (genomics),  or patterns of gene expression (transcriptomics) as well as changes in the concentration of metabolites (metabolomics) and the composition of the gut microbiota (metagenomics) that are involved in the development of chronic diseases including obesity, and the way these relationships can imply therapeutic approaches.  Indeed, the scientific advances in the different "omics" areas are enabling the design of customized strategies on precision nutrition for health maintenance as well as for the prevention and treatment of metabolic diseases. This course involves the consideration of newer progresses concerning personalized responses to dietary pattewrns 


Understand the basis of interpersonal gastro-intestinal and  metabolism  differential responses as affected by own nutrition and the genes of the individual

 Screen of  the possibilities of omics technologies on precision nutrition as well as the role of  specific nutrients and precision foods

Precision strategies in obesity/diabetes, Cardiovasciular disease and cancer management

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  • 20.Aug - 21.Aug
  • Live online
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