Call for proposals is now open

The University of the Basque Country/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea Foundation organises Summer Courses, which will celebrate their 39th Edition in 2020

The mission of the Summer Courses is the organization of training, dissemination and university extension activities.

This year we will address the following challenges:

  • To attract relevant agents of society and the academic and / or scientific world in each of the thematic cycles.
  • To encourage the participation of different sectors of the society to enrich the debates as well as to make visible different views and approaches.
  • To articulate a Sustainability Forum that positions the Courses at the international level.
  • To continue bringing the Summer Courses closer to the territory of Vasconia within the framework of the “uik ibiltariak” program.
  • To support an increased presence of the Basque language on the Summer Courses.
  • To improve the diffusion of our content by intensifying our presence in social networks.

Please read the regulations of the Call before presenting the proposal. The Foundation has an online platform for the presentation of proposals.