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Gipuzkoa now or forever

<p> Impact of climate change in some unique areas of Gipuzkoa.</p> <p> Our environment has changed a lot since the days of our grandparents… and it has not even been that long. Society makes progress and that implies changes both in lifestyle and in the environment. Today we are more than 7.8 billion people on Earth and we live in a globalized world. The most notable consequence of this is the climate change we are experiencing.</p>

Climate change and its impacts are increasingly visible and the global average temperature could rise 1.5 ºC between 2030 and 2052 if global warming continues to advance at the current rate. The effects that scientists announced would be produced by global climate change are now taking place: glaciers have decreased, heat waves are more and more intense, habitats of animals and plants have changed, trees are blooming earlier. What will we see in a few years in Gipuzkoa?

Based on this idea, we are developing the project “Gipuzkoa now or forever”, funded by the Department of the Environment and Water Engineering of the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council. In this project, a map of the influence of climate change in significant areas of Gipuzkoa will be developed. Through reflections with experts, it will be explained how a specific factor can affect a certain area and we will ask ourselves, what can we do?

7 areas will be studied for the analysis of some natural spaces of Gipuzkoa. What we have may be temporary, but we want it forever.

The interviews that we will carry out with the experts in the project stage will be inserted in this same section and will be disseminated on the UIK Youtube channel and in the networks.