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Restoration and Maritime Heritage

Restoration of the New Anchustegui and the Saltillo. The challenge posed by the comprehensive restoration of a heritage ship.

The ERAIN Workshop at ITSASMUSEUM BILBAO is entering the final phase of the restoration of the wooden fishing boat "Nuevo Anchústegui." The scope of the project, the boat's conservation status, its location in an open dry dock, and other factors have required the collaboration of many individuals and institutions, as well as a different working format.

The speakers' presentations will address how the challenges presented by the project have been overcome, always from a scientific perspective to ensure that the boat does not lose its heritage value.

Similarly, the restoration process that was carried out with the Saltillo 35 years ago will be shared.

This activity is part of the course program: "Universities Looking to the Sea: Navigating Ocean Sustainability on the Saltillo School Ship."