Wooden Heritage Conservation

22nd IIWC International Symposium
Wooden Heritage Conservation: beyond disciplines

30th September – 2nd October, Bilbao

1st IIWC Course on Wooden Heritage Conservation

3rd -5th October 2019, San Sebastian

Since the ICOMOS International Wood Committee, IIWC, was established in 1975, the need for a set of conservation principles has been a continuous theme in the Committee’s ongoing discussions and activities.

In a session of the of the 19th General Assembly of ICOMOS held in Delhi on 15th December 2017 the new IIWC ‘Principles for the Conservation of the Wooden Built Heritage’ were adopted as ICOMOS doctrinal text. These new ‘Principles’ replace those adopted previously in 1999.

Last year, the 21st IIWC Symposium held in York was a multidisciplinary forum for the interchange of experience, ideas, and knowledge of ‘New Horizons’ in the conservation of wooden built heritage as embraced in the new ICOMOS ‘Principles’ adopted in 2017.

This year we will like to take a step further with the organization in the Basque country of a symposium and a course that amplifies the effort in order to give a focus of a holistic approach to wooden heritage conservation that extends beyond structures to include together with the materiality of wood construction, its complex intangible side. Its scope includes the diversity of professions involved, possible approaches and processes, from a global perspective and their adaptations to the conservation of local wooden heritage.

We will like to create a forum to expose, exchange and discuss different theories, including processes, methodologies and intervention techniques in wooden heritage from different points of view through different disciplines but with a common goal which includes every agent involved. (Carpenters, engineers, architects, archaeologists, historians, chemists, administrations and other stakeholders)