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The Fundación Cursos de Verano UPV/EHU opens the period for submission of proposals for the 2023 Summer Courses, which will last until 2nd December

The call for proposals which opens today is aimed at everybody interested in taking up the challenges to our society, which may be inspired by one of our fields: Basque culture, equality, sustainability, education, ageing, digitalisation, governance and mental health.

At UIK we continue to offer a diverse programme encouraging new formats, always aimed at meeting the emerging needs of our society. We realise that sharing knowledge is of enormous social value, invariably having an impact on improving relations within our communities and with those around us; as a place for meeting and reflection, we want to go on offering a forum aimed at making progress and putting into practice our social responsibility across the board. All this once again brings together the public, researchers, academia, business, institutions and the authorities. 

To make all this possible, we have created new formats to deal with innovative topics and facilitate access to the courses for young people, as both students and organisers. Everybody has something to say, offer and promote, and we believe in cooperative participation as a way to mutually improve and surpass ourselves. We are an open, inclusive forum, interested in fostering participatory dynamics with applied courses and specialist workshops, always connected with society and for society. 

The form of the Summer Courses adapts to new ways of learning and teaching, and they can be followed in the classroom, live online or both at the same time. 

Anybody interested should simply send their proposal via the UIK online platform, bearing in mind that they can only submit one per director. We appreciate the effort you make in creating your proposal. 

Eskerrik asko!